Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Hello, and here we go!

well, everything has to start somewhere, and this blog starts here- this is the Skatedog Films blog, documenting what we are up to in the world of Skatedog films and stop motion animation in would be great if we had started this blog when we first began to experiment with stop motion- but that would have been 1981, and we would have been typing this on the keys of a zx80 or 81...
so,  you are joining this journey a few years late, and we apologise for that, but we promise we'll try and keep you up to date from now on...we are working on several projects at once as usual, while also trying to keep a roof above us and a kid happy! We are going to try to supply a good blog that documents our successes, failures, and anything useful we discover along the way...We hope you'll stop by every once in a while to see what we've been up to, and how things are progressing.
Anyway, as mentioned we are running development for several projects at once, following on from the three year process we finished in 2009 - a 23 minute animation of the Oscar Wilde short story 'The Happy Prince'. This was our first great foray into digital stop motion, and was a vertical learning curve. We made many mistakes and broke a few rules as we went on that project- but we learned a lot in a short space of time, and we totally fell in love with stop motion all over again...Now we are obsessed, and pretty much all our waking time gets spent trying to improve every aspect of production. We aren't stopping here!
I keep saying 'we' not in the sense of being some sort of royalty (although, then again...) because Skatedog involves the talent and effort of more than one person. There is myself, John, the wonderful Penny, and collaborators such as our good friend Paul who helped produce the last film. We'll introduce folk as they need introducing- and probably digress here and there- but enough preambling!
Now to show you where we are currently at.

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