Friday, 1 April 2011

The internet is broken :[

ok a really quick blog post to apologise for my silence for so long- there's problems with my internet and landline, so i'm having to go to wifi spots for internet access, and the blog has suffered due to the pressure- but I wanted to let any followers know that there is now more footage of the robots up on vimeo- about 3:  33 actually! Thirty three and a third! Almost a long player- this is still test footage of the robots in action, and also the beginnings of test Foley, with various sounds thrown into the mix- this is really early days still, and just a work in progress, but we are pretty pleased with the results so far...

This project is already seeming to be growing in momentum, and has attracted  first local, then the South London Press to write articles on it's development, and the fact that I am using recycled materials from local streets- this seems to have a really positive spin on people's interest in the project, and is also leading in interesting other directions- for example, the Head of my local Borough's recycling department has been in touch asking if I would be interested in developing a recycled 'mascot' for the recycling team- this seems to be pretty much an invitation to access the recycled materials they collect- which could prove to be a goldmine!!
Anyway, enough already, I'll post the articles when they appear, but for now i'll leave it with the link to the new footage- hope you enjoy!

ps there has also been lots of work on other projects going on, such as the lip sync old man, and the studio is pretty much ready for use now- while the school's olympic project is still going well and more schools are coming onboard- all looks pretty damn groovy in my animation world!
Keep smiling down on me, Talos!