Wednesday, 29 December 2010


One of the things we've been working on most avidly in the last 12 months has been armatures- the cunning skeletons hidden inside stop motion puppets. 'The Happy Prince' used 3 standard armatures as supplied by

These armatures were very resilient and pretty good for a first project, and together only three armatures were given costumes and milliput heads, and were able to create about 25 different characters- a pretty good track record, really. But we have been very fascinated with armature construction, fabrication, and more complex mechanisms for moving eyes, jaws etc. We have also been looking at all possible options for creating armatures- specifically, wire, machined armatures, and several newer developments in armature design- such as loc line flexible hosing, and thin steel meshes. We've been building puppets for the last year to try out different designs and see what will work best in different circumstances, and to fit the movement needed from specific puppets. So it seems to make sense to focus to begin with on the armatures designed so far, the techniques and materials used- and the thoughts behind them- even, when the thoughts are wrong!

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